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With over 15 years experience of working with and supporting funding and investment to the third sector through a variety of roles with both funders and delivery organisations, we are able to support the diverse range of organisations and agencies that provide funding and investment to the third sector. Services offered to funders and investors include:

Assessment and Assessment Support

With over 10 years experience in the assessment of funding and grant applications with a number of funders we are able to support your organisation to make objective decisions upon where to place their investment.

Funding Research, Review and Evaluation

Knowing that you are making a real difference is important. However, are your current programmes the best way of achieving this? Through a detailed review of your funding and the wider context of where you work, we can support your organisation in developing a better understanding of the differences you are making through your funding programme(s).

Programme Development

From developing new funding or investment programmes to enhancing your existing ones we can support the work of your organisation in identifying and building the programme priorities, choosing the delivery method and setting up the processes and procedures. Having worked for several funders we have first hand experience within these systems, learning the good and bad points for both staff, and the organisations seeking funding.

Programme Promotions and Marketing

Through contacts, links and the experience of promoting new programmes we can help your organisation to target your funding to a wide variety of communities and areas, or to a small specific locality. We can facilitate and lead presentations and workshop sessions to help promote your new funding opportunities or the findings from your current programmes and research.

Programme Delivery and Management

Managing and delivering your funding programmes will be one of the main parts of your organisations work. However, there will be times when additional support is needed. With over 10 years assessment and programme management experience we can help to support your organisation during these busy periods.

Event Organisation and Facilitation

As experienced event organisers and facilitators we can help your organisation in developing events and workshops to promote your work, consult upon your plans or bring partners together. When planning any event or workshop it is important to define the overall aim from the outset. As confident public speakers we can also lead and facilitate these events for you.

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