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There are a number of services we can provide to the range of third sector organisations in order to help them secure funding and investment. An important aspect of all the work we do in supporting organisations is for them to learn from the experiences of developing applications and applying for funding, and therefore we look to work in partnership with you to not only improve the chances of funding now, but also in the future. Services offered include:


Interested in developing your fundraising skills? We have delivered a large number of training programmes and workshops focused upon funding over the last 5 years. These courses have supported a wide range of organisations and individuals from volunteers to local authority Development Officers. The courses that we currently deliver include:

Courses can be delivered in-house to your staff, or organised with you to support third sector organisations in your area. The funding training courses can be tailored to meet your needs, and the needs of the people that you work with. If you would like to know more please contact us to discuss further.

Funding Search and Support

Finding the right funder for your project is a key step for any organisation. We can support this process in searching for and recommending a short-list of potential funders and investors for the project or piece of work you want to take forward, significantly reducing the time that you have to spend seeking the right one for your organisation.

Funding Bid/Application Development and Support

With a track-record of supporting organisations we can assist you in developing and preparing individual funding bids, applications and submissions. With experience of both grant assessment and in giving funding advice we can help you to understand what funders and investors are looking for from your application or bid.

Pre-Application and Grant Application Review

To help you develop individual projects and applications we also provide remote support services in the form or Pre-Application and Grant Application Review.

Funding Strategies and Plans

Thinking of a longer term plan for your funding and fundraising, want to look at the organisation as a whole rather than just one piece of work or project? Not a problem. We can support you in developing a funding strategy to consider the best routes for your organisation and its range of services to help secure its future. Looking more in-depth at your organisation we will review your organisations structure, funding and fundraising track-record, current and planned services, and working with you develop a strategy to start meeting your organisations needs.

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